Thursday, October 21, 2010

A change of lifestyle

She has nascar passed some of Canada's best riders, she has also crashed out almost as many. She has set a lap time around an Ontario Cup course that most sport level riders would be jealous of. She's even been on the podium a few times. She wasn't fully invited but was cheered while up there. Unfortunately that time has come and gone. Most know that the Molly Monster was hit by a car 2 months ago. Besides many scrapes and bruises she ended up with a broken bone in her right leg. It could have been a lot worst.

So after many trips to the vet, x rays, visits with a surgeon a final decision has been made, Molly's bike racing career as a pace setter has ended. The bone has not healed, there was no sign of any attempt of repair after the first x-ray. Of course the surgeon wants to go to school on her with a knife that could still only offer questionable results. There has been lots of debating back in forth on this thought. Some discussions with people outside of the normal animal world has helped come to the conclusion. Some of those people were the ones that have done miracles with my own body and also have things like DR attached to their name. Molly is not going to be put through the surgeon.

It's been interesting watching her personality over the last few weeks, let's just say that you can tell she is frustrated and confused. She's bored and has built up energy that has been forced to be contained. Almost instantly she seemed to sense that things were going to be dealt with a different way and she had some bounce in her step, I also let her have that bounce.

The biggest concern right now is 8 weeks in a splint, the frozen joints, tightened tendons and weakened not used muscles. Had we proceeded with the surgery which was far from 100 % guaranteed it would have been another 10 weeks in a full time splint. The recovery time on top of that??? I remember how long it took for my wrist to loosen up after 7 weeks in the cast. 15 years later I still don't have full flexibility in that joint.

So a removable splint has been ordered for the short term but a custom built brace will be made. The research has been done and for what she will be doing in the future this is going to be the best option for her. She will be able to walk with no problems, even run. Will she be doing the Monday Night Something ever again. With bikes I doubt it, but you never know. Snowshoeing hopefully so, xc skiing same thought. These braces are pretty amazing, you can even get them made in carbon fibre, yes I know. I'm thinking the same thing.

The next step has been taken. Molly is liking this next step. That's the most important part.

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jenn said...

Wow, i am surprised that the bone hasn't even attempted to heal. Was there no change from one xray to the next? You are very right to be concerned about the 2ndary issues that have developed do to the splinting. Has the vet discussed physical therapy for her? Mild of course. One of the best things for her would be to get her into a pool. Swimming with her brace would help deal with the shoulder issues. not sure if you guys have access to dog therapy pools in barrie. Maybe we'll have to schedule a therapy session for molly monster when i'm down at christmas.