Friday, October 29, 2010

Ignorance is bliss,.

I tried, I figured if I avoided the thought it couldn't happen. I saw all the signs and tried to divert where those signs would lead. Ya, didn't work.

It's been a couple days now since my throat has been sore, it was a couple days earlier that I sensed something was a little off but I just motored on with life, eat healthy, sleep obviously not as much as my body would have liked, drink plenty. Unfortunately the last line may have been the overwhelming one on that fine line of getting healthy or getting sick. It was my Antirace training.

Like a long race, training is needed. You can wing it with very little training and feel like death the next day scratching your head thinking why did I even consider attempting it OR you can put a little base training in and be a bit prepared for what is about to happen and compete like a champion. I was attempting somewhere in the middle of all this. I wasn't going on benders every other night which to be a competent competitor at the DelStalk side of the event is needed. Team Speed can verify that.

In the end my ignorance has me feeling not so Olympic. What the end results will lead to? Unsure at this time, the ride is still on at this point but the apres festivities may be restricted to the sport category with some cheering from the sidelines. I am packing for the full on festivities at this point. The power of the mind may be able to will this thing away.

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Kim said...

Alcohol kills germs.