Friday, October 15, 2010

Keeping it simple

As promised I stepped back from the 4 wheels world and jumped back into the life of two wheels. The weather cleared enough but I was in the mood that I needed to ride regardless. It turned into one of those rides that just makes you smile at the end.

Headed out on one of those random roads I have in my backyard, gravel seemed to be the choice tonight, the destination. Well a picture is better than words.

As the weather turns colder, the leaves change, the cottagers are gone it was really peaceful. There was no music blasting in my ears to kill the moment. From that point on in the ride, the reflection of this past season started. Wow it's been a long season. I think it's been a pretty successful one also with lot's of highlights, a couple low points. The great thing was how quickly the recovery was from the low points, at least mentally. With the last official race coming up quickly, Sunday.

The thoughts started to wander to 2011. The planning, the training, the bikes, the travelling etc and that was when I great line popped into my head.

I listened, stopped and enjoyed the view that I pass daily. This is 2 minutes from my house. Sometimes you need to just slow down.
Body actually feels pretty good considering the lack of training, minimal of riding and only a bit of recovery. Actually going into the 50 km in better shape than I did last year. Should be fun .

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Peter said...

Better pics ... Have a good one this weekend ... Keep the pee breaks short