Monday, October 25, 2010

Hidden treasures??

For some maybe. As the weather broke for half of the weekend I found myself craving an easy ride. With monsoon type conditions predicted for the week it pretty much could be the last chance until the Antirace. I was in that slow it down and look for something I've never seen before in my own backyard type mind. Why was I feeling like that? When you're wandering around 1000 pairs of skis looking for that perfect deal it just kinda happens. I did show restraint though and came out empty handed. Many not so lucky, excited for snow to play with their new toys.

So to spin out the brain, and the legs which for some reason seem to be hurting more now with the inactivity I grabbed the cross bike and headed out by way of the rail trail. This was the first ride in a very long time that was completely electronic free. No cell phone, wasn't planning on going far enough to feel I needed it. This meant no music also, but the big one was the body was minus a strap and display saying your not working hard enough. The freedom of no heartrate monitor was well, freeing!! There will not be a heart rate strap burning party in the future, I'm not that liberated.

The next in the line of things to find.

Batman's boat? I've found this before but figured he might have figured out where he'd left it by now and removed it from public use.

Then there was this, on a random trail off the rail trail. Yep those are jumps, no I didn't hit them, I have little plan on ever attempting to hit them.

The legs needed the easy spin, looking like it's an indoor based week unless you're a duck. Collingwood area and rain, hmmm. Next weekend could be interesting.

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