Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chasing the light

As the sun drops a little earlier everyday the options of riding alter a little more. It's been a few weeks since I've been out with the MNS crew, the rides seem to taper off a little in the late summer but last night brought out a good group with great weather. Midhurst trails were the playground last night and as we headed out it sounded like a primary school at recess.

It's been a while since I've ridden by L.E.D. and the first few minutes I fought to find my center of balance. Once there I remembered just how much fun it can be running trails in the dark. This was just one of many thrills of the evening. The lead was swapped many times and I found myself at the front as we passed the pond. As I start to turn left up a trail I noticed a log, I noticed the log seemed to move. Didn't think anything of it, thought I was hallucinating and let my mind reality check things. Logs don't move, it's a dead tree, dead things don't move. I rode a foot or so away from the log. 5 seconds later a scream and words I'll opt out to not repeat hear as Shane passes the same log.

What is the first rule in any horror movie? Don't look back. Of course i broke the rule. There be that log that just couldn't be moving, hey look at all those branches it has on it. Yep, porcupine and he seemed to be a little pissed that we disturbed him. Some grumbling, and we were off again.

We made our way to some of the trails that unfortunately would never be in an XC race. This lead to more child like screams, some in excitement, some in fear as wrong turns were made leading to 5 foot drops. After each section the new Ontario Cup rule came into play. Pete, we're starting now to get in practise. The new rule? High 5's and cheers after every cool obstacle the pack rides over. This could lead to some interesting races next year.

It was a ride to remind you just how fun it is to just ride. It's also looking like the rules to the MNS ride are to be brought back. Time to get the single speed finished.

One final thought as it was debated heavily during the evening, Chuck Norris would kick Rocky's ass.

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