Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flexing? Why is that a funny looking skin colour

Feeling a little broken. Attempts to ride came to a failure because of outside reasons but either way it was probably for the good. Walking with a little bit of a limp, not a full on gangsta limp but more of a slight shuffle. Not cool enough to have the gangsta limp. Left quad has developed a huge lump on it and that lump is definitely not muscle. At least it happened at the end of the season.

Potential continuations of the season are still being considered, last weekly cross race is Wednesday. That's hopefully going to happen. Provincials, Hillybilly Hustle, Nationals, Hardwood, Barrie are all potentials. So is sitting around and relaxing.

That's what I'm going to do for at least the next hour while there is still coffee in the pot and the laser does it's thing.

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brandon said...

Cross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am racing both days this weekend, then nationals, all the cool kids are doin it.