Friday, October 22, 2010

It had to come to an end

After much debate, much temptation, much I really don't know what else I've pretty much pulled the plug on the rest of the season. Maybe it was seeing the snow, maybe it was seeing the next week is predicted solid rain. It's been a great season of racing. The bikes will not be fully put away, those perfect fall sunny days will still see me turning the cranks but I'm going to take advantage of the off season with some good recovery time. Yes, I'm still hitting up the Antirace!

How do I know this is the right decision, the Anthem is still hanging from the bike stand, still dirty from Sunday's race. Not really dirty but I didn't do the norm of cleaning and tuning so things are ready for the next adventure. Instead it's just hanging there screaming "pay attention to me" and I've just either walked by looking the other way or worse, shut the light off and close the basement door which works great at muffling the cries.

So good luck this weekend to everyone at provincials, enjoy the rain, enjoy the vomit intensity, enjoy scrubbing your bike for hours afterwards. I won't be there, I'll be sitting on the couch, warm and dry drinking vasts amounts of coffee!!!

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