Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall riding rules?

Like my very short list of rules for when to race and when not to, the fall riding rules are pretty straight forward.

1. There are no minimum ride times.
2. Solo rides are done in optimum conditions.
3. Routes to avoid hills are preferred.
4. Power taps, HR monitors, cadence and speed sensors are allowed but not to be watched.
5. If the words, "Was that a rain drop" are said before any ride it's an instant Get out of ride pass.
6. Trainers and rollers? Not to be even considered until the snow flies.
7. Trail rides should all finish with some fluids that contain alcohol. Amended all rides should finish this way.
8. Sightseeing trumps intensity. Visual zone over hr zone.
9. Night riding is an option and a fun one at that. Doesn't need to be a 24 hour race to play with lights.

Some additional variables. For every degree below 10 degrees Celsius the group should increase by one. 5 degrees equals a pack of 5 riders. There will be no individual suffering. Group rides in the rain? Allowed but needs to be one hell of a great destination or group of people. Refer to rules 5 and 7.

Pretty much a chill night last night, clouds rolled in an hour before I was home from work. Saw a rain drop, followed by a steady shower equalled another day of no riding. Saving my legs for the coasting that will be done this afternoon. With the official not training end of the season ride when you want to season started and do other fun things here I'm enjoying life.

Tonight will have rules 1,3,7 and 8 will be used. Rule 3 will be the cool one tonight. Check in tomorrow for the rundown.

Any more rules that I missed please add them in the comment box. The list will be altered.


Kim said...

If you really want mellow, you should come to our Dundas Monstercross ride tomorrow. Sadly for you, start time is 8am-ish...

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I like this list. I've been following these rules since Crank. Since it's been raining for pretty much two weeks, I haven't been on the bike except to commute (the rules don't apply to commuting).