Sunday, October 3, 2010

The day that was stalled

Have you ever had one of those days where every thing you start seems to get stalled out, shut down, or just not what you were hoping the end result would be. That was my yesterday. Started out with lots of great potential, was at the tire guys place early. No the winter tires were not going on the car yet but all the prep work of swapping rims around and getting the winters home were to be done. First screw up, wrong tire size for the winters, second screw up special bolts needed for other rims. This was the way the rest of the day continued.

Ride was kinda blah, knee was making some weird noises caused by the cold. If I changed my cadence to the rhythm I could play a mean tune with the clicking it was making. Highlight of the ride was the return of the snot rocket. Shift a gear, blow the nose, turn a corner, blow the nose. Gotta love chilly weather riding.

From there things just seemed to take long than anticipated and less was done than I hoped. At least the car is nice in clean. The short list of things to do yesterday has now been added to the short list to do today making for a long list. A few other changes have happened for the weeks coming up. Mainly the Thanksgiving weekend. Looks like my plan to race the Midland enduro has been slightly altered. I'll be chilling in Ottawa for a dinner at my sister's. All is not lost though, looking at a cross race on the Sunday morning held by the OBC.

The sun is up, the coffee is brewed and I'm feeling optimistic that today will be more productive. Round two of keeping Matt warm should start shortly. Firewood guy is due for 9am. Initial thoughts of a long ride this morning have gone to the way side. Focus on the need to get done will take over this morning, this is the only chill weekend that things can be done. The off season is really busy with racing it seems.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Next week the cross race is in Brockville which is ~60 min from downtown Ottawa - much more from Rockland or where ever Jen lives...not sure if you noticed that.

If you're still around Monday, come to the tall tree double cross ride - riding a cross bike on trail and road. Super fun!

I might be in town next weekend, if so we should ride.

Tristan Spurr said...

midland will be crazy.your family will always be there but will this race???....????....?????

Matt Spak said...

Tristan that is one of my lines. But family and really good free home cooked meals trumps any race!!! Trying to fatten up for the winter.

Matt Spak said...

An email will be sent Tanya, some arrangements could be made and yes I know the race is in Brockville. it's not that far the way I drive.