Monday, December 27, 2010

A better starting point

Yet another Christmas has come and passed. I'm the first to admit that Christmas is not a great time for me in some cases. Today is the anniversary of my Dad's death. Pretty obvious why I'm not always in the most festive mood in December, this year though things seemed to be a lot better. Of course I can blame a good chunk of that on She, and then add in the visit with my sister and brother in law and our annual outdoor play day before dinner. After weeks of dull grey skies that the only thing bright coming out of them was the white snow the sun finally broke.

Was it Mother Nature cutting us a break? Who cares but it made for a great slippery shuffle through Copeland Forest as I watched my sister adjust very well to her current center of gravity change. Someone else was nice and allowed my brother in law to reproduce. Not sure if that was a good decision or not, hopefully Jenn's DNA is the dominant one. Shannon was nice enough to not drop all of us with speed.

To say I've been happier the last while would be an understatement, going into January in better spirits will help for the long winter training season ahead. I'm going to need that happy thought stuff soon enough as that notorious power test that I had to put on the back shelf when my ankle went to shit back in November is starting to creep up and poke at me. I get off on a bit of pain but even the thought of it makes me cringe just a little. It hurts, it never gets easier, the last 3 minutes seems like 3 weeks. Hmmm maybe I shouldn't do it. Suck it up. You have Christmas calories to burn of now. Shit.

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