Monday, December 6, 2010

It's starting

There has been some boring posting lately, there really hasn't been much to say lately. It's that time of the year where training is pretty much boring. Rides have been limited to indoors, There was a little excitement on the rollers between minute 34 and 35 where I spent a great amount of time to close to the edge. It was scary, I was concerned but nothing else happened except for concern. Outdoor rides have only been in cars lately,about the only big training thrills have been some great hikes with the Monster. Hasn't made for exciting reading and on certain cases none at all. The off season equals off writing?

Well with more snow now things should hopefully become entertaining. Snowshoes, xc skis, snow covered road rides, etc etc all mixed in with a return to some twisted sense of humor. As for this weekend, fitness side found me on the rollers for a short time followed up with an epic hike in my big backyard on Saturday. This was followed but some late night thrills and excitement that left me realizing that I am getting older and the things I used to be able to do in the evenings have a more dramatic effect on me the following day. How was it that I could survive on 3 hours sleep in my 20's and function normally the next day? It was well worth it. My couch was my friend yesterday with some movie napping. It was training for 24 hour racing next season? Maybe, maybe not.

As for snow, well all you southerners can start planning for your northern adventures involving skis. Mt. St. Louis is just hammering away with the snowmakers and mixed with the help of Mother Nature I'd expect them to open this coming weekend. Horseshoe will probably do their midweek open to continue being the first in Ontario to open. As for the fitness side of snow, I'll be waxing the xc skis in the next day or so. It will be some ungroomed play for a week or so I'm expecting but something is better than nothing. Winter is officially here even if the calendar says otherwise. Let the fun begin.

I have a few that have started to ask an are wondering, yes she rides bikes. More on that another time.

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