Friday, December 10, 2010

Making sticks slide

Time and life shut done my ambitions last night, that and the fact that I was actually not ready to play in the snow. Found myself down in the basement instead with a beer and a focus. The weekend is looking great in the world of snow conditions, sliding on sticks the plan. Waxing is an art, I've learned a lot in the last few years. Compared to alpine, xc perfect wax setup needs a rocket scientist and an MIT grad to get it right. I spent many a day studying snow back in my downhill racing days and there were days I was pretty sure I had it wrong but gravity made up for that minor miscalculation. Eliminate gravity and you get it wrong and your pretty much frustrated with no forward momentum. Glide is the easy part.

Half way through the collection, this includes another pair of random skis that have been added to the mix. Yes, she skis too. As I said glide is the easy prep work.

I know my iron is pretty, I've still never been able to switch to a true waxing iron. No, I don't iron collars with it. Maybe that's because I don't have many shirts with collars but I am willing to try on any of your shirts, just bring some beer.

My biggest frustration with waxing is this, yes this mess. I want to put the wax on the skis to make me go faster but you always have this little mess of scrapped of excess topped with a fine dust from brushing leading to a mess. Me, the guy with the bike wash setup only feet away from where I'm doing this has yet to figure out how to catch all this before it hits the floor. Maybe I'll need to build a shop vac system to attach to my scraper.

Looking forward to falling on my ass this weekend.

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