Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter thrills

I can't even list the reasons this weekend was an amazing one, there are way to many. It was a weekend filled with non wheel based training. The short side of the weekend started with a trip to Horseshoe Valley Nordic Center. The time was set and after an early morning reminder phone call to Dr. Bill the 10 am meeting for the first skate ski of the season was a go. Easy pace start on the flatter loop. Conditions were pretty good considering the lack of snow. I was impressing myself a little, I remembered how to do that side sliding technique of skating and my balance was surprisingly good.

The pace was picked up a little as we made our way over to the north trails. We slid along talking about everything cycling. I find that interesting that now bikes are on the racks for the most part there seems to be more bike talk than normal. A stop at the Junction seemed to be the meeting place for people we haven't seen in a while. A few minutes later we finished up at the chalet with 2 hours of sliding in. The last 15 minutes let me know that my legs were pretty trashed, I could feel the rubbery kicking in and my limited technique was pretty much gone. Great timing, time to head home. So I thought. As Dr. Bill and Rob headed out for another short loop I wandered back to the car. This is were things changed a little. Reaching into my pockets I was missing something. Yep, my car keys.

I knew they were with me when I left, not in the car. I started searching the parking lot, no luck. Nobody had turned them in at that point of the chalet. Secondary plans were made to get home. I had time to kill so I pulled the skis out again, figuring I had some time to kill I might as well do a short search of a couple of the trails we were on. THe pace was higher, the heart rate showed. Trying to cover a 2 hour endurance pace ski in under an hour was impossible but I figured I'd try. Made my way to the junction were there was a mini social gathering and I'd pulled my bottle out more than once and low and behold in the center of the trail there was a black dot. Luck kicked in and reminded me that there are better places to hide you keys. An additional 45 minutes added in pretty much cooked the legs.

Sunday was spent snowshoeing with the coach and Jason in their big back yard. Shannon and I followed enjoying the fresh dumping of snow watching 4 lunatic dogs run about for 2.5 hours. An amazing weekend of fun playing in the winter wonderland.


shannon said...

HALLELUJAH, the She has a name! I must be doing something right. lol

Matt Spak said...

I'd agree that you are doing something right, and then some