Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day versus Night

To boldly go places that you normally wouldn't go when we went. Yes, I'm aware that that doesn't really make sense but the timing on when we went to where we went didn't make full sense either but it was still great. So where was it that we adventured to you may ask. Here

And as you can tell it wasn't exactly dark when we were there so we didn't get the full benefit of the reserve. I don't think we would have made it till dark though. 2 dogs that had been packing up an excessive amount of energy after the last two days of car travel that there was conversations about which one would taste better if we decided to kill and cook one of them. Yes they were pushing our nerves a little, Molly may have more flavor with her extra layer of fat. Once out of the car things returned to normal.

Snowshoes strapped on, poles in hand, dogs running, great company, life is good. We motored around the outside loop which for the most part was really well marked. To come at night may have been a risky thing, my internal gps is good but not at Deathmarch Liz's level.

The dog's were scaling this wall in a single bound, us just a wee bit slower.

This in the mid Ontario version of stone hedge. Most of it's height is buried under snow, it really is huge.

A great 2 hour hike with somewhere around 6km mark added into the km book of 2010. We will be returning again in the spring to take in the full benefit of the reserve. Did I mention the giggle road that you have to take to get there. Summer tires and dry roads equals a lot of fun. Yes the snow kept my driving habits in control.

Time to play.

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