Friday, December 3, 2010

For the masses

Sometimes I wonder, do I live on the wrong side of the tracks? The bad side of town? In a different climate zone? As I was making my way home yesterday in the wonderful sunshine I could see it ahead. A darkened wall of clouds. I'd heard a comment from the home front earlier in the day but shrugged it of. As I got closer the sun disappeared, the ground started to change colour, the air seemed hazy. When I say closer I mean 5 minutes away.

As I drove past two ski areas life was still rainbows and butterflies, then I crossed the line. the Vasey line. Yes the line with a big hill, not a mountain just a great big hill. I know this hill, I like this hill, this hill was now a wall trapping all the clouds from traveling south and snowing on everyone elses parade. I'm not complaining about the snow, I just would like many others to enjoy it's wonderfulness. I don't feel it's right that as I rolled into my town with a few inches on the ground that we are trapping it all to ourselves. There are many others out there that have are craving a white blanket in their yards. I'm a sharing type person. Mother Nature please share this with EVERYONE!!!

Last year I was using my snowblower for a month before a unnamed city 20 minutes south was even aware that it was winter. It was a little cruel, working there all day, seeing green grass and clear driveways then coming home and crossing that invisible line to instant winter. I'm not complaining, I picked my living arrangements, I like winter, I just want to share. Mother Nature please share dammit.

About 3 inches on the ground now. Not enough to snowshoe, skiing is questionable. Not going to lie, there are thoughts of it crossing my mind. Rock skis may become rail trail skis. We will see what today brings for accumulations. Some winter excitement may be planned for this weekend.

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