Monday, December 20, 2010

To the beach

It was yet another epic weekend of wintery fun. So epic and so enjoyable that I was distracted away from the computer each day. Saturday was another great day of classic skiing in Copeland Forest. A nice mix up of some ungroomed back country stuff along with some track set follow the leader stuff. Conditions were fantastic. Lead to two tired dogs and two tired people. She yet again was nice enough to let me feel fast and let me set the pace, at any given time I think she could drop me if she wanted. 2 hours of slipping and sliding. Some good base miles.

Sunday was road trip time with a drive up to Awenda Park. Snowshoes were thrown in the trunk but not planned on being used. First hope was to see track set. Yes there is, trails are set up for classic. A day around the big loop will be planned in the near future. We opted for the stroll to the beach instead. Would snowshoes have made it easier, probably. Did we use snowshoes, of course not. Why, were snowshoeing tonight so they needed the rest. Luckily there was enough of a packed down section to make it even possible. Can't do things the easy way all the time.

As we strolled along in the shin deep snow we came to a hill, a very steep hill, a hill I've ridden. Today I don't think this would have been a problem.

Should someone attempt to do a man ride up here and include this big hill in their ride??? Extra points for not being plowed?

It was a questionable day for chilling at the beach, seems like many others agreed. There was no tanning happening today. No dip in the bay as tempting as the water looked.

Yet again two tired dogs. Again two happy people, and again two days of winter playing that was not on the bike. This winter thing is kinda fun

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