Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I want to, ummm not really, wait that's better

As the wheels keep on turning and not getting anywhere I'll admit I'm already at that point that I don't really want to be on the rollers right now. I want to ski, I want to snowshoe, I actually want to snowplow my driveway. By the third time I snowplow the driveway I'll be saying I want to cut grass again but I'm getting more and more anxious to slide around on couple 2x4's. Instead i found myself on the hamster wheel for some easy base miles. To amuse myself a little and to try and not develop the upper body of a 12 year old girl there were a few round of push ups and chin ups thrown into the mix. To say it helped at making the time go by a little easier I would be lying.

Some of the many 2011 events have now been posted at It's started to give me a few more ideas for what is happening next season. Things may be a little detuned for next year. At this point I'm looking at the 8 hours yet again this year. This of course is just a base idea at this point. There will be no 24 hour solo next season but the last time I chatted with a guy with a name starting with T he seemed to be interested in defending our tag team win from last year. Like most that do it, you forget about all the bad stuff pretty quickly and it only returns the moment you roll up to the start line. Besides that I think it's going to be a slightly more chill season. Easily said now as the snow is coming down and my long term vision is blurred.

The padded room is pretty much ready to go though for those winter indoor hours, stereo system setup, big distracting screen in position, fan in the right spot, heater in it's proper spot. Everything and anything to make it a little more enjoyable has been done including making room for 2 others to sit and spin to nowhere. Please come ride with me, I'm bored in there!!!!! Now that it's ready the weather will become accommodating so I don't need to spend any time in there. I hope.

Coffee, yes please!!!!

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