Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chasing girls

Made my way south with an idea and a plan. It was all about creating a peaceful household for the evening and that meant make the dogs tired. The she and I were also craving that first ski of the season. Aww the thrills of keeping you balance on a slippery surface is challenging, add a couple long planks to your feet and spears in both hands and it can turn either into a very graceful thing to watch or a potential mass murder on the loose stabbing wildly while hopefully moving forward. For us, well it was somewhere in the middle.

She was following most of the time checking out what is left of a cyclists ass and giggling. Partly for that partly watching me do the odd leaning the wrong balance check. I never hit full grace but I do usually get close after a couple days of skiing. As we slid along the bigger plan was working as the two lunatic dogs ran.

Molly is doing fantastic, she may never NASCAR pass any of us again going into a piece of single track but endurance wise I thing she will be great as an LSD dog. She was so happy to be out running.

Now on the other side of things, could this be Molly's pinch hitter. Yep this puppy needs to run and reminds me very much of the Molly of yester year. There could be the return to a dog breathing on ankles during the MNS bike. Meet Rogue.

And then there is she, she was nice enough not to show me up with her fitness as I'm still looking for a bit of mine. I have no top end but that is expected. It's probably there but I'll keep it in the reserve for right now. A great 1.5 hour classic ski. The non ride a bike season has begun. As much as I get annoyed with snowplowing the driveway by January I'm pretty much ecstatic about the ski season being here. It won't be long before the bay is frozen that some of those epic town to town skis will be made. No hills on the ice.

More coffee then I'm off to Horseshoe to meet up with Dr. Bill for a little skate skiing.


Tristan Spurr said...

"The She" Spak your too much.This is up there with referring your women partner as the "the non girl friend girlfriend".

Matt Spak said...

well get used to seeing She as Shannon going to be around a lot. I'm only worried when her and Liz join forces and really throw the hurt into the guys