Wednesday, December 1, 2010

There was no real option

I really didn't want to do it but what choice did I have. It was cold, dark and rainy and it wasn't even the evening yet. Time was restricted by a previously scheduled engagement, What choice did I really have. Well the other option was pretty lame. Yep I spent time pedaling and not getting anywhere.

Opted away from the vomit machine, instead spending some quality time on the rollers. The cross bike is now set up with slicks for those roller days and I have to admit that it really wasn't that bad. Maybe it was because I've got that craving to train? Maybe because it really wasn't that much time on there, maybe it was because it was the first time. I know by February just the thought of riding indoors will be cruel as the spring gets closer.

The legs felt good, there is some fitness deep down there it just takes a little bit of labored breathing at a low heart rate to find it. Maybe it was caused by the excessive drag I had? Movember has come and gone and so will this. Always have some version of a moustache/goatee I let everything else grow into place. More for my own reasons as a little tribute to my Dad which I do once a year. The full beard was something Dad was known for, For me, not really but it's something I like to do to pay a little respect and as a reminder.

It will be gone this morning, it may make a return another time. I've heard many times that for the winter it's great, helps keep the face warm. Well I never really have a problem with that but what I wonder about is the collection of ice that seems to grow to it during outdoor activities. How many skiers do you see with icicles attached to their face? I've seen a fair share and I know my goatee has collected it's own collection many a time. Hmmm warm face with chunks of ice attached to it, I don't see how that works. I think I'll stick to the balaclava and the terrorist look on those very cold days of skiing/riding. It's December, where is winter????

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