Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It has begun

I need to clear up the election results. The cat's name is Doug, sometimes those ballots can be confusing. If you read closely, "Watson is not an option" and most of you agreed with that. Watson should not be an option, I figured it was important that I allowed all of you to confirm that. So yes they great pair has resumed.

As life rolls on and the signs of winter have shown up, life has taken a little slip to another sport. Winter prep has started, the skis were in need of some attention. Let's just say that they were slid on hard and put away sticky. The classic a little more than the skate. I was a little concerned on the base conditions, I kinda neglected to put a storage wax on them in the spring, I'll be honest that I was hoping to have put a few more km's on them before the snow had disappeared but the excitement of spring riding distracted me.

Bases were in surprisingly good shape, I found a new base cleaner at a unnamed store that works great. Works better than the previous expensive big named stuff I've used in the past.

I had a little help from a friend,.

The official return to being an athlete started last night, I know I said December 1st but I got anxious. Power test is still on hold for at least another week, the ankle is coming along well and with some great recovering exercises from Dr. Bill I'll be back to 100% in no time. This sent me into the padded room last night for an hourish plus of yoga. To say my body is feeling a little pretzel like would be an understatement. With the lack of training meant a lack of stretching which equaled a very inflexible body. Found myself semi watching listening to my motivational get me in the spirit movie while attempts were made at things like warrior pose and triangle pose. Yes, 24 Solo still gets me wound up for racing, I think I can repeat every word of dialogue on cue.

Winter bike is ready, skis are almost ready, snowshoes are anxious, some consistent weather is all that is needed.

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