Monday, November 22, 2010

A racing around weekend

I never physically touched a bike this weekend but I feel like I did back to back marathon races. How can walking and standing be so exhausting? Sure it's off season and I've lost a little but I really wasn't expecting to be this trashed after 2 days of helping around around the Barre Cycling Club's cross race. It was a fun weekend and in some cases it was probably one of the best things I could have done for my ankle. After multiple loops around the course staking, taping, and then again tearing down I must have easily racked up the equivalent of walking around the world twice. It felt like it.

Sounds like it was a success though and for what the course lacked in vertical, Mother Nature made up with a strong headwind on the only section that would have given recovery. Some good racing, fun being on the sidelines, would obviously still rather be in between the tape though. That part will be here in no time. I was a little disappointed to only see one rider hop the barrier. Davis Ross on his last lap cleaned it, gaped Brett Matthews forcing him to put it all out there to catch up and take the win in the Junior race.

The ankle is coming back, a full weekend of non biking exercise was probably the best thing. It won't be long. Now on to the most important thing. NAME THAT CAT. So, personality wise. He is basically the opposite of Bob. He is chill and friendly not turning on a dime from attention to tear your arm off to attention. The poll is up, one full week. You can mulitipule vote if you would like, I will still add new names to the list if they come in. A name is need, it's hard to call the cat with "Hey you!!!" Doesn't seem to work to well.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

'Watson is not a name' is a bit long but still kinda catchy. Maybe call him Watson for short?

That's my vote.

Kim said...

You could just go with the Watson reference and call him Apollo or Adama.

Or Roll.