Friday, November 19, 2010

Yet another animal store(y)

Seems like the last couple posts have been animal based. This happens to be another. Made my way down to a newly opened outdoor equipment store a couple days ago. With me, the Molly Monster. Why? because she has been in the same store in Toronto and in many other similar stores in the Barrie area. After about 10 minutes a a sales person came up to me, very apologetic saying they don't let dogs in the store. But she has been in other of the same stores, why the change? She gave me a few legit answers, i accepted it and brought Molly back to the car and returned to the store for some continued browsing.

I was slightly disappointed in this particular retailer for their change in policy, I was informed that the Toronto store has a tendency to break the rules and that was why Molly was allowed in. I know I know, she is a dog and that for the longest time pets were supposed to stay in the car during shopping. Things have changed in the last few years and more and more stores are allowing them in. Obviously on leash and sane are allowed in. Home Depot gives out treats, other hardware stores are following suit. Banks are allowing them in now. Molly has seen the inside of most bike shops in the area. I'm hoping that this newly open store may push corporate to change their policy, outdoor gear and dogs pretty much goes hand and hand. When they find out their competitor allows them . Rant finished.

Cat is home, a couple more names to add to the list. Bob and ???? are sorta playing stare down. The new guy has a tendency to get himself out of the corner with little conflict. Bob, well he makes a lot of noise. I can see there being a balance with the two in no time. I hope.

It snowed!!! It won't last but I have to admit that I'm slightly excited. It made the dreary dark November nights just a little brighter. It will also make this weekend's Barrie Cross (Baseball Cross) race just a little more interesting. Yep, I'll still be on the sidelines. The ankle has just that slight tinge to it now, pretty sure the ramp test may be put off for an additional week now just for good measures but no matter what training resumes December 1st. Some slight prep work was done last night with a good stretching session. The body was craving it until I started to do it. It's always that way.

Keep sending in the cat names.

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