Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recovering random thoughts

Day 3 of the ankle and I'm now realizing that I slightly over reacted. Me do that, no not me. I've gone from a really bad limp shuffle to a gangsta limp walk to now this morning almost normal movement. It will only be a few more days before the pain is gone and that will be when I put a bit note up reminding me that it's still not healed. The weather is very accommodating in the not doing anything outside type way and I'm still not ready mentally to put myself on the trainer or rollers. Indoor riding, except for Joyride 150, is not allowed until there is snow on the ground. I'm going to attempt to stick to that rule.

In other news, the rumors are starting to fly about a new cycling team. Who is on the team? Unsure. The team name? Unsure. The race kit look? Unsure. Is this team going to make an impact in Ontario, Canadian and MUAHHHH the World of cycling. Maybe. Will this be the team that many will want to leave their existing team for, most definitively That is all I know at this time, as I said earlier, these are just the things I've heard.

I leave you with some random photos of timing from the weekend.

A great way to start a ride, with a song with the word bicycle in it. It was on random and it randomly showed up just before I got on the bike Saturday.

This may have turned into the biggest ever game of Tic, Tack, Toe. Then someone parked their car on the game board.

Not even sure what to say about this, I spent the rest of the time looking for a sign saying Matt Wanted and hoping she was a cute single cyclist. Phil, if you need the address it's on the 7th line.

We won't tell Phil that it looked like i redneck house and I think I heard banjo's.

More miscellaneous stuff tomorrow.

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Jacob said...

every time i go by that phil wanted sign i wonder if they are trying to make a joke of if they are just uneducated rednecks