Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not fun

The nicest day of the fall, I had plans, they were good plans. My plans failed catastrophically, my body, namely my stomach had an alternative plan for me. Thursday afternoon started out great. Home early enough to sneak a two hour road ride in before the sun dropped, great comfort food recovery meal. While doing some errands things started to go strange. I've had many thrilling adventures because of my stomach, things have been under control though for the last couple years after a huge change in my diet, of course everyone in a while I get a flashback.

I'll be nice enough to not go into detail of the next 24 hours but lets just say that I've done races as long and felt better afterwards. You have no idea on how powerful the core muscles are until you spend a night with them continually going into spasms. This left my lower back so tight that bending hurt, my legs feeling like they were charlie horsed. Of course I was exhausted, I looked like the walking dead and my normal ability to multi focus at a thousand miles an hour was replaced with the focus to lie back down on the couch and sleep. That is what I did for most of the day yesterday.

The plan to get a trail ride in, fail. The plan to sit in the sun with a beer, fail. The plan to do anything but sleep, fail. It was needed though, feeling much better this morning, I'm able to drink coffee, will be eating excessively today to try and make up for the lack of calories yesterday. Not a great way to lose weight. I'm pretty sure I know what the culprit was that caused my body to go in to full rejection, has been dealt with accordly.

What has happened though, Mother Nature has felt sorry for me. As I sit in the sunroom and watch the sun rise and the tempature do the the same, she has given me a make up day, a do over. Some play time in the big back yard is in order for today, some attempts to get some tan lines will be made before the long winter ahead. Looking like a great day

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