Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still shaking

After a few days of no Internet the shakes are starting to settle. Withdrawal for the cyber world, hmm yes I'm weak. Much has happened in the mean time. The cats are getting along and the first real signs of winter showed it's face this morning. Could yesterday's trail ride in Copeland with Mr Watson be the last one of the season? May be.

It was a last minute decision, I was done work a little early and Andrew's 11 am ride seemed to be delayed by that evil Internet. Either way 2:30 pm had us heading out on a trails. I had a little reality check on what happens when you have chosen the off season earlier than others. I don't regret it but to there were more than one comment saying slow down. Of course there was a response of "you should do cross, it keeps you fit in the fall" Of course when this line came out I was usually gasping for air and unable to respond. Mixed without he fact that I couldn't catch up with him to push him into the trees for being a smart ass.

I needed the break from riding, I did the same thing at the same time last year and I was faster this season than the previous. You don't screw with what works right? The ride was good with a quick stop at Jacob and Liz's new pad In the heart of Copeland. To say I'm jealous and even offered to swap my place which I love for their new place. Of course I really wouldn't do it, I love my place. Finished up with some flat single track back to the cars. There was no socializing afterwards, it was cold and darkness was coming quickly.

This morning I woke up to a couple inches of white stuff on the ground, I ended up being that first guy to fire up the snowblower. With the internet crack dealing repair guy coming this morning I would have rolled out a red carpet for him if need be. Ended up not mattering, slid past the driveway, someone forgot to put on snow tires. I'm reattached to the world, there is much to update in the next few days. Stay tuned, I'm back. Don't forget to vote, it's your right and responsibility

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