Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's on the map, it has to be there

The day allowed for it, I had a craving for it, I had to do it. Yep I was out on my bike. As the return to the routine starts the bike was still a little lighter, yet another ride without the HR monitor strapped to the bar. I can see that returning shortly.

Earlier in the day I went on to a road that I'd never been on before for work. I was curious to see where it went but of course during work hours I had to make my way the other direction. On GPS and google maps it showed it went through to a road I know very well, hmmm I've never seen another side street. A few hours later I found my way in the right direction this time. Of course I had to make a quick stop for some sight seeing.

Kept rolling along beside the golf course, looks like they're not expecting snow for a while. Pins are still in. As I road past the No Exit sign I started to wonder if the gps lied? I know of a few roads that should be a dead end, for some. After a hike a bike up a wall of a climb that could, ummm , maybe be driven up, not by anything I own. Maybe the google maps did lie?

It didn't take long before I was riding again, always find it interesting finding random gates on the trail.

So where did this phantom road that was marked out as a good road end up, I'm sorry for cutting through that person's yard. Honest. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. Just under 2 hours on the cross bike, followed up with all those proper apres ride things. Yet another great reminder why I ride a bike. What's up next, only the day will tell.

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