Monday, November 22, 2010

Putting some visual to a name

Like many, people always research a name before making it legit. I thought I should do the came. What I came up with is interesting. Matching the name to the personality.


HMMM, he is not one of those cat's that you never see. Actually he is pretty much a be in the same room type cat.


Hmmmm, Very chill, very happy, stoned???? Haven't put out the cat nip yet. Close match.

Bob And Doug

I can't even comment. If you saw the two of them scenes from Strange Brew continue to appear. Yet again another very close match.


The best I could come up with. He does have better looks than this. I'm glad my parents never drove one of these, with all the windows you couldn't even hide in it. Match??? Not sure.


Well they both seem to be hacking up a hairball, Maybe if Andrew won we could name the cat after him. Go faster next year!!!

Well a cat and a fish do go together, sorta. I don't think this cat will live a life full of disappointment though.

So I just put in a random search for weave. Ummmmmmm????? Well let' just say that I learned something, I think. Does it have anything to do with the cat's name? Not really sure.

If you made it through the whole video you have withstood a new level of torture. Go back to the Bob Marley video and finish your reading with some rhythem.

Warm weather, an ok from Dr. Bill yesterday to start riding, slowly. The ankle is 85 percent, enough for some spinning and stretching. May find myself on a bike this evening. A return to a routine is about to start.

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