Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everytime I've walked in the room I start to smile. It's a great sight, but it could be even better. Well it was time to finally do it, major change. What am I talking about, my basement. For those that have been down there by choice, ummm I meant everyone who has been down there it was by there choice and they were all happy about it, honest. The basement was a pretty cool layout with many drooling over the bike wash. It just wasn't prefect, lot's of mix matched cabinets here and there with just not enough storage in one area and to much in another. Work space was limited and my bench always was buried under tools and parts. It bothered me, the guy of planning and organization and it looked like a bomb went off in certain areas.

One of my other complaints with the layout has to do with the up coming season called winter It comes in the terms of xc skiing and waxing, I've never had a great bench to do it, well that's about to change. With a destructive mindset I walked downstairs with a tool box and started to pull things off the wall. Then the cutting began, followed by the new table frame. At first I started to look around at the mess and think what the hell are you doing, why can't you leave good enough alone? Because I can't and it can be better. An hour later the main bench was up and the first level of shelving was built. Was able to reuse a couple of the old cabinets which saved some time but to the point I'm at this morning I'm pretty happy with it. Yes, this went late into the evening.

A long section that will have a couple vices put in for waxing, lots of table space for the up coming stripe and clean the bike session. That was one of my fears in the old setup, little table space, small parts wandering off, etc.

One of the best return of use parts was this. Yes that was a gun rack, no I don't have any guns. I don't even have A gun so is there really a need of a rack? It was built into on section of the wall but I feel it's new home as a xc ski rack is much better suited. For those that have seen me skate ski, well it's almost as dangerous as someone with a gun.

It's back to the basement shortly to get the clothing rack built followed up with a road trip full of excitement. More thrils tomorrow.

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