Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A good odour

The smells one gets in the fall while riding are awesome. They are still only a close second to those smells of spring, bbq's are the cruelest thing. The last few days have been amazing, sun and warm, almost an Indian summer. The snow is still holding out but it's still cold enough that some of us Northerner's are already lighting fires to keep warm. The smell in the air is fantastic. It's yet another smell that reminds me why I live where I live.

The thoughts of colder weather had me looking back at posts in this time frame. Two years ago it snowed pretty good only a few days from this point. Last year it was into December before the white stuff stayed. This year?? Who knows, for those still craving that racing thing there is still pretty of racing left. Hardwood Cross this weekend, Barrie CC next weekend. Neither will see me on a bike. I've pretty much, fully completely called the racing side of the season. The next test of intensity for me will be at the end of this month. Setting that date now, Nov 30 will be a riding on the vomit machine for some winter training numbers. Until then I'll be able to breathe at a level that I can enjoy those fall smells.

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