Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter prep?

With the first snow, for my area at least come and already gone. Yes disappointed, while many will be racing around in panic with a full realization that winter is actually coming, like it always does and will be doing all that stuff that panic brings with it. Snow tires on the cars, snowblower running, firewood etc. Me, well being a planner can be a good thing since I finished all that stuff a month ago. This gives me all the time to play, and also watch Bob and the new cat sort out their shit.

Of course I have this hard time to sit still and found myself in the basement working on phase two of the revamping. With the work area almost finished I moved on to something I've wanted to change for a while. I've made many a cyclist jealous with my bike wash down there. Hey I prioritized reins, that being the first thing I did when I moved into the house 2 years ago. But when I did it I rushed things a little with the layout. The biggest problem was the height. Is it because I'm two years older to being old and a grown up? Well the old part may have a part of it, grown up is all in perspective. So brings on the next step. This time I had someone watching me making sure I do it right.

The new guardian of the bike basement. An hour later the tub was unistalled, frame built, reinstalled and tested. Well almost tested, some plumbing alterations need be done and I was minus the pipping needed. There is no more need to be hunched over straining my old man back while scrubbing down a dirty bike, no straining knees while sitting on them trying to clean a drivetrain. Nope, it's now at geriatric height which will prolong my cycling career for a few more years.

With the crap weather on it's way this will be used soon enough. The basement is also one step closer to being perfect. For now. Vices for xc skis were set up also, some base cleaning is in order, need to be ready. With all this free time this weekend, what will I do? Looking like a good one for sure. Might even include some bikes.

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