Sunday, November 28, 2010

It was that time, it snowed. Just enough to only leave one good option on the what to do for the day. Loaded up the car with the dogs and ventured 15 minutes north to McCrae Lake for a long hike with the dogs. For some reason which I'm not complaining about the parking lot was empty, I'm guessing that everyone south of my area were spending the day putting their snow tires on.

Poles in hand I did what I could to keep up with the dogs. Molly set a pretty good pace.

Destination? Not really but this was the turn around point at the hour mark. It won't be long before everything is frozen. A great 2 hour fast paced hike.

On to the election results. The score is there and like I said earlier Watson is not an option so the new monster's name is Doug. The great Canadian pair has returned.

Winter has arrived, I'm excited.

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