Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wha Happpan?????

I'm still trying to full figure it out. Back up 24 hours, I slept in because I didn't fall asleep till well after 1 and that ended up being on the couch beside the fire. Why was I still awake at that time? Well that was the stressed out mode that put me there. After a fun afternoon of cheering at the Hardwood Cross race I slowly made my way home. Felt good and wondered what I could do with the rest of the day. On the drive is towards home is where I first felt it. My ankle was a little sore but nothing that would have had me worried in any way. I should have been. When I got out of the car at home I felt it, pain. As the evening the pain increased, momentum decreased, and my brain started to over analyze everything I'd done in the last 48 hours.

What did I do? I walked, I rode, I walked again, I couched it. Day one. I put the ski box on, I walked, I stood, I walked, I sat. Day two. What the hell did I do and when?? At the same time I was being proactive, heat, ice, laser, ice, drugs, repeat. With all that and it continued to get worse. Go to bed early I thought, rest will help the most. Of course the pain continued to increase and with no distractions my brain started going so fast that sleep was impossible. I lay there thinking all the worst case scenario's When you are the owner of a small business it basically means that if you don't go to work you don't make an income and my job is the farthest thing from being a desk jockey. As my brain is thinking this it's also thinking, how am I going to train? I can barely stand up how will I pedal a bike? The training was a farther back thought that the life thoughts. Unable to sleep in bed I made my way down to the room with distractions, turned on a movie and did everything I could to focus on it. Eventually I fell asleep, woke up late and limped to work.

Not a fun day at work but some good pain killers helped get me throughout he day before I got to see my favorite person. My normal visit to Total Pain and Injury clinic on Monday's is for maintenance. Dr. Bill has been keeping me in check for the last couple years, I wreck it, he fixes it . Well last night's visit has with major focus. I was doing that mental projection of thought that he would give me the answer I want to hear. Something along the lines of "it's only a minor sprain, You'll be fine in no time. Do this this and this". Well guess what, I did get that type of answer, just a little different. I some how strained my Achilles tendon right at the attachment to the ankle. There is huge inflammation, so much heat coming off my foot that I could cook up a steak. Some work around the injury, some super high powered laser work, and a list of to do's and I was homeward bound. My stress level was back at normal.

So the next week this is my life focus.

Dr. Bill gave me the rundown to what to watch for, At this point it's looking like a class one strain which means minor. Yeah for me!!!! The big thing for me will be keeping myself in check for the time needed to heal, not doing that I feel better, It better, before I really am better. This morning there is already improvement, I'll have to cook breakfast on the stove. Swelling is already at half of what it was yesterday, the pain is just more of an annoyance, I'm back in a happier place.

After lot's of time replaying the only thing that I can track it back to was the little bobble that coupled be called a crash I had on my ride Saturday. Wasn't going fast, probably the reason I went over but it may have been the way my foot came out of the pedal, The hike probably put it over the edge. There is lot's of to do's to write about that are still bike based. More tomorrow.

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