Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Have you seen him?

It's official, I've gone looking for him. Actually I'm going looking more for it. I've gone in search of finding my fitness again. I decided that November 1st was the date to start being an athlete again. Actually it was more caused by the fact that my body is sore and achy from the lack of fun activity and more so recovery. Also that my Antirace training caused my Antirace failure.

What better way than to start back into it than a ride with the Monday night something crew. The conditions were actually perfect, clear night, no wind and a wonderful temperature in the minus side of freezing. After getting a short JDM lesson from Ben we were on our bikes. 1,2,3,4 out of 5 of us were all in the same boat with the lack of riding in the last month and it showed a little. Random crashes, random mini races, and the coolest skid ever seen were all squeezed into the 1 hour ride. It felt great being out there and when the feeling came back to my fingers and toes it felt even better.

My month of well, what ever except what I should have been doing is over. Why? Because I pretty much got everything I needed to get done around the house done and I'm able to be focused again. Riding will still be limited but recovery is now in my line of sight. Yoga will heal me, the foam roller will hurt me, somewhere mixed in that mix will be some sorts of aerobic activities mixed in. I'm searching for it and saw just a quick glimpse of it last night.

I saw my fitness and that bastard Waldo has it. Time to go get my baseball bat and deal with him the northern way.

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