Monday, November 8, 2010

It's never boring

Screw winter, it's the return to summer. Maybe not fully summer but it's not snowing, the sun was out and the roads are still salt free. It meant time for a spin around the Big Chute Loop. I'd have some company for the ride this time, and just about every time I ride with Lee there ends up being some weird adventure mixed in. We all remember the Madone gnome adventure, there was talks of another one of those type rides but it was apparently a little to cold out for him. My TCR was feeling the same way so it was the cross bike yet again.

Traffic along Upper Big Chute road was next to none, all the cottagers were gone, just all the locals and it seemed that every other truck either had furniture or firewood in it's box. Not sure if both had ideas that it will keep them warm this winter. Not sure how a dresser burns? The pace of the ride was, well let's just say that I did wear my HR monitor. I should have hide it under my sleeve, endurance pace, mmmmm, not really. The good thing was that Lee was in the same zone so i didn't feel to out of shape. As Lee quoted "if we went slower it wouldn't be fun" Good point.

We rolled into the Marine Railway, everything is shut down for the season and the dam was fully open. Hmmm, no tourists, no boaters, no staff, it's nice. Looking around and my 10 year old side of me appeared as I was looking up. Hey, I'm going up there. A quick look around, no one to arrest me so I was off up the ladder of the boat transporter. For those that have been to the chute you know exactly what I'm talking about, for those who haven't, here you go. Of course it only took a few moments for Lee to follow suit.

Pretty good view from up there.

Back on the bike, conversations on saving the world continued, till the next short stop at the Port Severn locks. No pictures here, no sneaky things like opening the locks etc . A few minutes later we rolled back into the driveway. Gone for just under 3.5 hours with most of that spent actually riding. The reminder that cold weather riding is always slower, a lot slower. I'm wanting snow, but not that quickly with the week of nice weather coming.

More tomorrow.

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