Monday, November 29, 2010

Better than option B

I had the first reminder about the thrills of winter riding yesterday. Opted out of the trail ride with the guys for some base hours on the road. Pretty sure this was the last ride for the cross bike, the winter bike is ready to roll. Conditions were, how do you say, aaawwww Shitty. There was more snow on the side roads than I thought there would be, more so I don't think they were plowed. Anything under a foot the plows don't come out,. This left rutted sections on the less travelled roads. These were the better way to go.

Started out with a thought to head up Big Chute road, that was changed about 30 seconds into the idea. The roads were fairly clear but there were slush sections. There were also cars. Cars + Slush = a wet cyclist in a single blow. So on to the roads less travelled. It still didn't take long before body parts started to get wet, which lead to cold, which lead to grumpy. Still spent an hour and a half at a chill pace. This is the worst time for road but since I'm doing everything possible to avoid this.

This was done a couple days ago, forgive me for my sin. I really don't want to spend time in the padded room yet but things are pretty much ready to go, straight jacket is in the closet.

Think I'll get enough info while on the bike? Some tlc to the cross bike is needed and it will join the Chuck Norris bike in the padded room

The return to training has slowly started. With the long winter ahead, I have lots of time. Still no game plan for races next year.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you will get enough info from your indoor training? If you add a SRM and polar to the mix your winter training will probably be worth while.

Matt Spak said...

The polar will be in the mix. I need as many distractions as possible when riding with no forward movement. A gps would be cruel, you went .000002 meters