Sunday, November 14, 2010

A do over day

Sun shining, temperature rising, just one of those days that needed to be spent outside. Loaded up the hard tail and headed to the 8th line. It's been a while since I've ridden there and I wasn't in the mood for a crazy amount of climbing, this meant it was perfect place to play. The trails were perfect. It's been a while since I've ridden single track in the daylight, it was a nice change. Started on the outer loop, didn't take long before I made my first encounter with a group of horseback riders. I started being a little more aware of the trail, I'm not a fan of cleaning horse crap out of tires.

A short stop at the top of the switchback climb. A nice run around the outside of the 8th line grid had me wanting more, on to an inner loop when I passed the same group of riders again. This wouldn't be the last time, a few minutes later I passed them for the third time. This time one of the riders asked me if I was able to jump over those logs, isn't that what all mountain bikers do? I was tempted to respond with "you cleaned the big pile of horse shit of the trail because that's what all horseback riders do?" but I figured he wouldn't get it so just smiled and kept riding.

1.5 hours of fast flowing trails had me in a great mood so a quick change of footwear, swapped the bike for the dogs and headed to another one of my favorite places to play. Being fall it has returned to a higher standing on my list since all the not so giving a crap campers disappeared for the season. You know the type, leave their junk thinking that like a campground someone will come and clean it up after them. McCrae Lake is a very popular spot for that since it's free camping, pretty much a zoo all summer long. Not today though.

Headed out towards the rapids letting the Molly Monster and Mom's dog run like a bunch of lunatics. Didn't take long before they were in every mud puddle they could find. A short time later this appeared.

Pretty obvious why I like this area.

The dog's had their fun also.

I need to drop the canoe in the water a few more times before the snow flies.

The return trip was comical, Molly had a little thrill crossing the bridge. Reminded me of the train scene from Stand By Me. I was tempted to scream train but I don't think it would have helped.

End of the day had me enjoying a little sun and a beer. Hmmm pretty sure I made up the lost day. The only complaint, I woke up with a slightly strained ankle, it was worth it though.

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