Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Like a druggie

On a comeback, a month of falling off the wagon was hard to break but I did a few of my first steps in the return of me. I stepped on the scale for the first time in a month. Like most cyclists we weigh ourselves more than high school girls. I was actually a little shocked that considering the food consumed, amongst other things the gain wasn't as much as I thought. A gain of only 4ish pounds. Not bad, means I don't need to stop eating for a couple weeks.

From there I made my way into the padded room, I have yet again remembered why I laid foam on every inch of the floor. It's for why I fall off the roller because the pain is beyond sustainable. To say that things like IT band, quad and hamstring have just slightly fused together would be an understatement. I have some work to do. It did feel pretty good though in a sick twisted type of way.

Looks like there could be some fun times ahead. Hate to say that I'm looking forward to the snow. Maybe it's because I'm not racing in it, maybe it's because I'm ready for it.

A quick note involving that Waldo picture, it was local, he only appeared a few weeks ago, I wonder if he realized that most people had stopped looking for him 15 years ago. If he ever attempts to steal my fitness again, many will be looking for him, nobody will find him!!! I'll be sure of that.


jvk said...

4ish really means 8ish. All high school girls know that.

Matt Spak said...

Awww but if I hold my breath all the hot air collects and it divides the number in half.