Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing hooky?? Sorta

Sometimes you need to read the details, I may have two months ago but it really wasn't high on my priority to remember. It was a a day of manufacture product training that turned into only a half day of sitting around with my eyes glazed over. No, I'm not a bad student, just knew everything the day was to include already. Well let's just say I was happy to be done early and as I was driving towards home looking at the conditions of the weather deteriorate I started to wonder how many more days will be left before the ground is snow covered.

With crazy winds I had no craving to pedal into them and coming up with a route that had a tailwind would have had me figuring out how to get home from some south eastern town. A great day for the trails. Could this be the last time in the big back yard this year, on a bike at least. When I pulled into the parking lot, completely empty. What was I expecting? It was a mid afternoon Tuesday. It was the way I like it though.

Easy pace, trails were amazing, some work has been done, decided for an outside loop or at least an attempt of it. The 5th line climb which we normally descend had me off my bike. My ankle was feeling pretty good but even at prime time it's an almost impossible climb. Maybe that's the reason we come down it. It was fun to be back on the narrow trails, continually reminded myself to keep the pace in check. Just went fast enough to keep it fun.

Looks like the ski resort was thinking the same thing I was, trail markings and maps are now up. As I rolled back to the car after an hour and a half of play those thoughts became reality, a light snow began. I am really looking forward to skiing this year. It won't be long now. The ankle held up well, some stretching afterwards. A little tight first thing this morning but overall on the road to recovery.

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