Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From a walk to a run

Not me but someone very close to me has made some big steps forward. It's been a while since I've done a Molly update, it's been two weeks now since the split has been removed. Guess what, she is still very happy, better yet she is running. Not far but like anyone it's a slow progress to rebuild. Yesterday had me sneaking a little sun time in before quality time in the shop. Out to some random trail where she ran/walked for 30 minutes. She still limps a little in a walk but it disappears in a run. It's fantastic. So good that we attempted to do a very short mountain bike ride. Short means 25 minutes, we never actually made it to the trail before turning around but a solid hour of higher intensity than laying on the couch. Could she be back for a the winter, snowshoeing is a for sure. Skiing will be a wait and see. The best part of this is that it's all without a brace or support splint.

As for me, well I debated on all types of options of the could do yesterday but found myself using the warmth and sun for work productivity and waited till it was cold and dark to meet up with the MNS crew. We're starting to ride on borrowed time before the transition to snowshoes, Two years ago in one week it went from great fall riding to the following week of 2 feet of snow. Last year was about half as much snow in the same time but it was a quick transition. This year??? Who knows. Great ride, was riding the hard tail which Has been collecting an excessive amount of dust this year. Yet another great ride.

Talks of a new team were brought up, could be. The rumors may be starting shortly.

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