Monday, November 1, 2010

Anti up, I'm outta chips

Yes, I failed at the event I was going to peak for. Of course I did receive a few drunken booty call text's and even a phone call from the evening event. I won't go into detail on who it was or what was said in the phone message. Of course, that made it even more frustrating not going. Had I felt like I did on Sunday I would have been there. I'm finally feeling pretty good again, throat is back to a normal size etc.

With a non bike riding weekend I found myself craving some kind of two wheel thrill was needed and wandered my way into the basement. Yet again I heard rumours of snow, it seems it was yet again everywhere but here in the snow belt center. No complaints here. Maybe it's all the planning ahead type stuff that did it. Anyways, I felt it was time to get my winter toys ready.

First up is the working winter bike, I'm hoping to ski even more but in those right conditions this will be what I put some miles on.

Starts out as my old Giant OCR2 that last year spent it's time on the trainer. It's been demoted. Pretty much a bomb proof build up Mavic Aksium wheels, riser bar swapped in so I can put hand covers for those colder than normal rides. Went with a 1x9 setup. 39 up front and a 12-36 in the rear with a good old fashion friction shifter which should making shifting a dream in even the worst conditions. Why the demotion of my old road bike? My cross bike, which has been my winter bike for the last few years is now just way to pimp to put it through winter hell.

Next up is the winter play bike, the Joyride150 bike, the need to catch air bike.

A good cheap investment of a old Oryx frame lead to this. Some old xt wheels, an old Skareb fork etc. Flat pedals, which will take a little getting used to, not being clipped in has some advantages. Now all that's left is a road trip south.

I know that a few hours of work on the bikes still doesn't make up for a party type bike ride but it did make the burn not so intense. Looks like I could end up on the bike tonight for the first time in a while, MNS is happening, conditions are looking pretty good.

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