Thursday, December 9, 2010

A first step to a bigger world

Get outside young man, there is a whole world out there for you to explore!!!! Great line, don't know who said it if anyone important at all. I followed that advice and went out and left big foot prints in the snow. For some reason my big backyard is not getting pummeled with snow like some other people's so a slight drive south found us on some random road with a big sign saying forest. HMMMM trees, lots of trees, yep they were right it's a forest. Strapped on the big slippers and started off like any great adventure, yep, turned left.

Watching the two lunatic dogs tromp through the snow kept us amused as we climbed over downed trees and ducked under what will soon be downed trees. It was a nice change up from riding, the air was a little crisper and even moving slowly there was more forward momentum in the first 5 minutes than there is in a 2 hour session on the rollers. More elevation change as well. I had to remind myself that what goes down eventually needs to come back up. Hmmm, going down is still easier.

Just shy of an hour of weaving and zagging with a bunch of lefts and rights mixed in as we returned to the road. My winter sense of direction wasn't to bad for the first time out in the dark as we appeared about 300 feet from where we started. Nav skills will still be left to Deathmarch Liz for those MNS snowshoe adventures. I do believe that Jacob just says the destination to her and she can blow away any gps.

It's seeming like winter has hit hard everywhere in Ontario except where is normally would. Last year I was snowplowing my drive for a solid month before the city of Barrie just 25 minutes south of me had enough snow to cover the grass. This year it's looking like pay back is a bitch. The head of the snow belt streamer has seemed to move about 15 minutes to the south of me. I have fired up the snowblower, it was a waste of gas and time, I could barely tell where I had been and what still needed to be done. Snow everywhere else should mean a strong chance of some xc skiing this weekend.

Get outside, ok!!!

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