Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter storm? Nope just a bunch of snowflakes

As i looked outside yesterday morning some of the things I was reading just didn't make sense. They couldn't have? Why would they have? Are you serious, the school buses are cancelled? Things are shut down because of weather. Why can I see the end of my driveway then. My 300 foot long driveway. I gave a little leeway thinking that maybe it's worst in other place realizing that I'm not living at the center of the country, but I would have figured it would at least be snowing or there would be tree bending winds, or even some sort of eclipse. Something. As the day went on I travelled the areas that were apparently in a unsafe place for school buses to go. HMMM Big yellow bus, small orange truck. I seemed to get around pretty good in my little orange work truck that looks like a toaster. In our bigger is better world I would have figured the bus would have been the best thing on the road.

Maybe I'm old because when I was a kid they never cancelled the buses for a possible snow storm and that might be where the problem is. I like snow. I grew up in the snowbelt, I remember my father having to hoist the snowblower up on the roof because of one storms accumulation. Are perspective of what a winter storm is has changed. Now every time I hear the quote "winter storm warning 5-10 cm expected" I don't know what would be the better course of action, a nice email to the weather person saying move back to Florida where or to show up smack the person and say man up, it's Ontario and winter. Winter storms in the past where always double digits when I was a kid. Until there is a minimum of 35-40cm predicted all it is is a day that it's snowing. As for predictions of the weather people, well I don't think they have gotten much better than they used to be, they've only learned to scare people with a single snow flake. Of course if the weather people say it's scary, dangerous and horrible outside everyone reacts the same way. I could go on about the lack of winter driving skills of people that live in a country where winter used to be 4-5 months of the year but I'll show just a wee bit of self control this morning and stick to ripping apart the schools and buses. May I remind the bus drivers that all the kids are now wrapped in bubble wrap so even the most spectacular fire filled catastrophic crash would have these kids walking out with out scratch. Give them a little thrill on the way to school, we used to love it.

As for those weather people, maybe Mother Nature needs to give us a little reality check and remind us what a real winter storm is like. I don't really remember when we had the last good one. HMMMMM. Side note, training was some bendy stretchy time. Chances of skiing/snowshoeing has increased. What to do, what to do.

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