Friday, December 17, 2010

Grip or Glide????

Yet another play day in the snow, I'm not sure if it would be called xc skiing or not. Headed into the south side of the Wye Marsh just for a little change up and I was very much surprised that nobody had been in to the trail system after the dumping of snow. We didn't get as much snow as other areas but when it's been untracked it's amazing how little it takes to completely eliminate the concept of glide. Tromping along in more of a shuffle slippery shuffle than any real form of classic technique would be the theme of the night.

Of course me being the man and also the one semi focused on training which meant I broke trail. It would have been great if the dogs had done their duties but I'll cut them a little slack, the snow was well above chest height with a good crust on top. Yep they tucked into the draft letting me smash a path. Worked well though giving me one of those well timed muscle endurance work outs. Shannon just laughed and kept the dogs moving forward with a well timed ski tip when there was pause.

We eventually made our way onto a few of the what would be well used trails and yet again they were not. Grooming was pretty much a snowmobile track and it was short lived. It did give the slacking dogs a chance to lead though. Of course when the track ended they tucked in behind with one of those looks. A continued shuffle as we went through the enchanted forest, a great section of cedar trees that feels like a green tunnel. On the other side a pheasant scare the crap out of me when it took off. Of course I probably scared the shit out of it, the disappointment came from the dogs, both hound type dogs, both completely stunned to the situation.

Finished up with the long climb back to the car. Not really a ski, but fun regardless. The weekend is looking like it will be filled with more of this snow shuffling stuff.

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