Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking out of the box called the house

The weather has been interesting the last few days. Great dumps as we get ready for the holiday break. Lot's of skiing and snowshoeing to be done. What it has also done is kept the craving to do a man ride down to a minimum. I know part of the challenge of the man ride is the conditions and the points added up for this weather would be awesome but it's just one step beyond my wanting to show up the boys. The wind has been at a point that I think forward momentum into it is almost impossible. The hour it would take to get dressed outweighs the time I could be pedaling. In a nut shell I just don't wanna.

I think for the first time Mother Nature has finally overwhelmed the roads beyond what my geared winter bike is capable of. The ice under the snow has limited grip for the 28c touring tires. I'm limited to that, no cross tires this year. The old OCR won't fit anything larger. In the past this would have been fine and under normal conditions which will return this is more than adequate to keep the rubber side down. It's still very early in a long winter, there will be plenty of time to put in some of those attempts to one up the boys on some epic ride. There are islands I need to visit, what is the point count for riding to a place that you can't normally ride to???

Maybe it's the age kicking in, a little mature and self reasoning. It's not looking like I'll be out there spinning anytime soon. I'm loving the xc skiing and looking at putting in some good hours of it this weekend again. For now, its more coffee and stretching. Both are warmer than outside.

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Tristan Spurr said...

not very much, unless you do it while the lakes not frozen.In that case I would go with 50 points