Thursday, December 2, 2010

I saw it in a movie once

For some reason I choice the rollers yet again over the thrills of forward and lateral motion. Why??? Why would I much rather be indoors that on some asphalt or dirt? Maybe it's the time it takes to get ready? Maybe it's the fact that I don't spend up to an hour cleaning the bike after an hour and a half ride? Maybe it's because it's not raining in the padded room. Either way I guess I disappoint myself a little showing not much in the lines of toughness right now. I've ridden/dragging and pushed my bike in the worst possible riding conditions, maybe I'm using a few of the passes I've earned to enjoy the simplicity of indoor training. Ya, I'll be sick of it soon.

Yet again I watched a movie that I know all the dialect to. Rad is still an amazing movie to train to. What I noticed though, the movie must have been shot in the last week of Movember, there were lot's of those dirty type moustaches. Rad has also given me a few ideas. I've been debating since I bought this house what I would do with the lower front yard. I don't ever go down there except to cut the grass. The grass is not in the greatest shape, it could be but my focus has been on the backyard the last couple years but things are almost finished back there so my thoughts have some mastermind plan. Could there potentially be a pump track in the yard next year? I've thought about it, I'm thinking about it, I'll continue to think about it. It's probably a good thing that winter is upon us, that snow will discourage me from pulling out the shovel, calling my dirt guy and starting. It will give me a few months of pause to plan and determine what is needed.

Have to admit that a pump track behind a white picket fence is not something you see everyday. Matt's Hell Track!!! Hmmmm the ideas are rolling already. Looks like even old movies can still influence.

I've also decided to give a daily snow condition update for those south of here. Living in the corral of snow that also ties into a bunch of ski area I normally get hit with snow before everyone else. Day one update, it snowed last night, about half an inch. Can you ski on it, go for it but not recommended. My skis, including my rock skis will be staying put a little longer.

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Kim said...

Do it! You can spend the winter planning.

I know Mark Summers has a copy - might want to ask him next time you're at Joyride...

I bet you'd get more house guests too!