Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's cold and snowy and the last thing on most of our minds right now is riding bikes. It's xc skiing, snowshoeing, shoveling and trying to stay warm. Ok, actually cycling is very much on our minds, someplace warm where it doesn't take 30 minutes to put on six layers of clothing to be able to survive a couple hours of winter riding. A road trip during the winter may happen but I'm also starting to look ahead at next seasons events of choice.

I've been tempted to ride in a few different places the last little while. New scenery, new competition etc etc. As I've scanned around and thought about races, 100 milers have been on the maybe list another race has now come into the mix. This is something that crossed the radar last year but a last minute decision to abuse the shit out of the body at the 24 hour with Tristan shut the option down. Well this year it's back and with a larger carrot hanging in front of the registration page.

The Ultimate XC race held at Tremblant has really caught my attention and now with the top prize being a free entry to La Ruta, another race I would like to suffer through, I'm very tempted to race in another country. I know I may have a problem learning the new cultures and they may attempt to deport me but the trip to Quebec could be worth it. Besides the great top prize to ride for, this could also bring some of the top guys in the 100 miler crowd to battle with. I've been wanting to see where I'm at amongst the big boys from the states for a while now. I know on a good day I can be right in the mix with them.

I've got a few months to full decide on the where and when I want to sit my ass on a bike for 8ish hours. Doesn't look like there is a limitation on the race at this point. HMMMM 8 hours of warm riding weather, ok. Trip to Joyride may be in order.

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