Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moving slowly

Ode to holidays, sleeping in late, eating more than you should, train when you feel like it, drink more coffee than normal. Yep it's going to be hard to go back on Monday. This also means that I've slacked a little on the daily stories. It's not that nothing has been happening but even my OCD ADD brain has seemed to be on holidays and the creative side of me has been limited. The last few days have been spent in the car with family and friends visits so I could go off on the driving abilities of others, but being the holiday's I'll just go with the flow.

There was an attempt to get me up in a plane but Mother Nature decided that she had different ideas on that and the flight was scrubbed both days. To say I was disappointed would be under stated but there will be other days to attempt it. I've never been in a plane, ok wait I've sat in one that was never ever leaving the ground again but to actually leave terra firma has been something on my to do list. Soon enough.

A few other interesting decisions have been made involving my cycling seasons. First up. There will be no 24 hour solo in my plans for a bit. A bit stands for me turning 40, yes the official old division. It's not that I care about which category I'm in but it's more the training and the focus it needs to do well at it. Basically there will be no other races in the mix to distract me from it. I figure it will take me to 40 to finally grow up enough. Probably not but it may happen. Right now the 8 hour's or that type of distance works well for me and I'll take another stab at the overall.

Some other minor thoughts on events have come up, Tristan if you are reading this. 24 hour tag???? I'm in if you are.

It's later than my normal time to post, time to start motoring on with the day. Things to do, a couple very wired dogs to exhaust, seems that travel time in the car allows them time to store mass amounts of energy.

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Tommy said...

40? Ha! I would have guessed 33 at most. See you on the trails.