Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A long ride???

I'm sick, not that is to anyones surprise. Actually I'm not really sick but I've got something. Maybe I'm in denial, if I will hard enough it will go away. It will go away no matter what but I'm hoping sooner than later. The left side of my throat is swollen and numb. Feels a lot like the after effects of the dentist. Ya I like the dentist so much, that's what I'm going to call it. The dentist bug.

Because I don't feel all that bad in the sick way and my body was feeling way out of whack in the muscle way I decided to do a little ride followed by stretching. Started out like a good boy and stayed on the rollers just spinning enough to loosen up the legs. I got bored, even with a movie on so I went for an adventure.

It started in the hall,

Then the kitchen,

Then the dinning room, around the table,

Back through the kitchen.

Finished up in the padded room on the floor waiting for the crazy people with white jackets to show up. Oh wait their not the crazy one. That's the farthest distance I've ridden in the last couple weeks. Some serious bendy stretchy time was spent and I'm feeling much more olympic. Can feeling olympic make you strong enough to kill a dentist??? I'm hoping snow. Holidays are almost here.

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