Thursday, December 23, 2010

The countdown

A well needed holiday/vacation is only around the corner. Some training will be had, family festivities will be done, food will be eaten and more than one special drink will be consumed. Then lots of activity will be needed to burn all that extra festival type calories. The annual Christmas day ski/snowshoe has been planned to exhaust the dogs so we can enjoy our meal in peace. Will there be any memorable moments this year? This particular one has just finally stopped giving me nightmares. Click me

The dentist bug is showing it's weakness and I've hit it full force with a blunt object. Feeling much better and I'm not talking with a bit of a slur anymore which in this time of year is probably a good thing. Of course some self induced slurring will happen during dinner.

Hours left, the alarm clock will be on holidays, I'm getting excited.

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