Monday, August 2, 2010

2 days, 2 loops, 2 extra people,

This sleeping in thing is a treat, I'm thinking of selling the company, selling everything including the alarm clock and never get out of bed before 8 again. That would last for about 3 days. The last couple days have been spent on the Chuck Norris bike and we weren't alone. Nice change.

Saturday brought Heather and Jason up to do the Big Chute loop and as mentioned lots of intensity mixed into the ride. This was also a test of what was done to the body Friday. Things were feeling better and after a good walk with the Molly Monster followed by more stretching the right side of my body was feeling not to bad.

This brought on Sunday. A long ride was scheduled, some texts were made and arrangements were made that the Shake'n'Bake twins were going to join me on the 4 plus hour tour. Start time for the ride was 10:30. Jacob rolled down the driveway about 10:15, won't even mention what time the Mighty T rolled in at. Some excuse of late night and alcohol. Of course this meant Jacob and I would be merciless and see if we could make Tristan bring up his breakfast. Yes we are as mature as 12 year old.

Nice and controlled pace as we headed south towards Orrilia, followed by a right turn to the west towards Barrie by way of the waters edge. Yet again the maturity hovered on the low side as we watched for other groups of cyclists that we could run down. For some reason the roads were empty, may have been our later than planned start. A quick stop for refueling which included cookies. It would be needed as the harder part of the ride would begin. The first 2 hours were pretty low key with limited amounts of climbing, that wouldn't be the case for return part of the loop.

Heading out of Midhurst we finally saw some other cyclist, if you can call them that. Sorry to those I'm about to offend. As we were on this side road riding 3 wide we spotted a triathlete group ride. Yes they were spread out in 30 second intervals so they couldn't draft one another. There was huge temptation to turn around and run them down but of the 4 riders, two had there deep dish, tri spoke, areo wheels and a couple had their areo helmets on which seemed to be making a huge difference for them as they barely made it up the climb we were descending. The temptation was there, we instead started to focus on abusing Tristan.

As we rolled past the 3.5 hour mark we rolled through Hillsdale and into the hills of Oro. The bigger hills. There were random attacks, there were random off the road in the dirt, those were all from Tristan as we made our way to the last challenge of the day. The 7th line right beside Mt. St. Louis ski resort looks like a wall sometimes. Today was one of them, I opted to a very controlled intensity as the Shake'n"Bake twins hammered up the hill trying to destroy one another. I'm the first to admit that I'm not a great climber and even staying at a steady 330 watts the boys rode away from me. What did make me happy was how quick the legs recovered when I came over the top. I needed it to catch up with the guys.

Still some distance to go but we kept it semi-sane eventually rolling back into the driveway at the 4:20 mark and just under 130km. There was as sprint to the house by the twins, they just don't play nice with one another. As for me, I hoped my age brought on a little maturity and self control, just a little bit more. Great ride, happy to say that the body is feeling better. Still need to stay proactive on the stretching, after I have a little more coffee.

Play time again today.

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